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Name: Harry (Nickname: Hairy Harry)

Gender: I'm a boy! (Breed: Terrier cross)

Height: 15 Inchs (Weight: 2st 5lbs)

Colour: Black and White (Distinguishing features: Speckled legs)

I like: Digging, paddling and being groomed

I dislike: People I dont know

DOB: 01/10/1998 ( I arrived at Dogs Trust: 10/10/2001)

I live at: Dogs trust Kenilworth


Let me introduce myself - I'm Harry, Hairy Harry to my pals. My coat was a bit unruly when I arrived at the Dogs Trust and the name struck. You'll be glad to know I've had a haircut since then!

My kennel pal and I always enjoy playtime together, whether it be a nice long walk or a good old dig in the mud. My carers prefer it when I stay clean but I don't think you can beat a good dig!

BecauseI can be a bit over confident and like to be the boss, I find it very difficult to settle into normal family life. I'm not good meeting new people but you can write to me.

Paws truly,

Harry x